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A Message About the Medium - What is Artography?

Artography is a term I use to describe a combination of ART plus PHOTOGRAPHY.

Using my photographs, or yours if they are appropriate, I create PHOTO PAINTINGS, which represent a fairly new artistic medium.

Both begin with an original negative, slide or even an old photograph. Originals can also come directly from a digital camera. In my process, I shoot an uncompressed format called RAW. Most digital cameras today shoot JPEG images which are compressed and lacking in fine digital details.

Next the image must find its way into a computer. If I'm shooting with a digital camera, I just hook the two up together and download the image from the camera into the computer. If I'm starting with an old photograph however, it must be SCANNED with a flatbed scanner.

Think of the scanner like a fax machine. Both do the same thing…they take an original and convert it into digital information. If my original is a black and white/color negative, or color slide, it too must be scanned, but this time using a rather expensive film scanner.

OK. So now we have the “original” converted and uploaded to the computer. Now the creative process begins! Using various computer programs (like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom) the image is enhanced, color corrected, retouched and cropped to the final size I want it to be. This is a straight digital photograph.

But a PHOTO PAINTING is something else. It requires more time, more software, more equipment and at least some artistic abilities. Using a very sensitive digitizing tablet & cordless stylus, (translation = fancy mouse) I paint out the building blocks of the digital image…the PIXELS.

The combination of the tablet and the stylus (which is angle and pressure sensitive) gives me incredible control over the image, just like with real painting. Additionally, I can switch back and forth between watercolor, chalk, oils, airbrush or a myriad of other choices even in the same painting!

Look carefully at the images in this website that are labeled PhotoPaintings. Look for the brush strokes, bleeding colors and washes. None of these images required brushes, paint or turpentine, just the magic of the computer and lots and lots of time.

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