Michael Neff spent over 35 years in corporate America and the military, and recently relocated to Gaithersburg, MD from Alexandria, VA. He has lived in Europe and the Middle East for over 10 years and his works are hanging in corporate and private collections all over the world. Magazine covers, record jackets, and a 30-foot mural in a Los Angeles restaurant are among his creations.

He has been a photographer since he was 11. With saved paper route earnings, a dedicated investor's matching help (Dad), he bought his first single lens reflex camera and was immediately awestruck with the notion that he could look through the lens and see exactly what the film saw. So began his career in photography.

In high school and later in college, he refined his photographic skills concentrating on photo-journalistic pursuits. Concurrently, Michael taught himself to paint using conventional oils and acrylics.

As an undergraduate marine biology major at the University of Miami , Michael's publications advisor, Wilson Hicks (the legendary Executive Editor of Life Magazine and the Associated Press) said “Michael combines the discipline of science with the talents of an artist-humanist.”

Years of graduate school, a Ph.D Candidacy in Instructional Design from Indiana University, career success in corporate marketing and later in graphic design still left Michael with the ever-present urge to return to his roots; the creative aspects of photography and painting. But the mess, hassle and hazards of turpentine and darkroom chemicals drove him away from both mediums, until the advent of the digital world of fast computers and shoot and print capabilities.

Now he found himself concentrating on the artistic side of the medium and somewhere along the way, he discovered that it was color that really turned him on. With the digital camera and computer he could now control the medium and end up with a print that looked even more brilliant and spectacular than the original scene. He also discovered that there were software programs and equipment that would allow him to manipulate the original image and turn it into a work of art that looked more like a painting, than a photograph.

His present work is an amalgam, a marriage if you will, combining many years of photographic discipline and conventional art with the artistic creativity of digital photo manipulation.

In the world of art collecting, his work represents a unique opportunity, for although the medium is new, his artistic talent runs deep and long.

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